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KR certification shipbuilding steel

KR certification shipbuilding steel

Product : Shipbuilding Steel plate with KR certification, Shipbuilding Angle steel bar with KR certification, Bulb flat bar with KR certification for shipbuilding, L section shipbuilding steel bar with KR certification.
Standard : KR / Korean Register of Shipping

Steel material :
KR Ordinary-strength / common strength, shipbuilding steel plate/sheet. : KR Grade A, KR Grade B, KR Grade D, KR Grade E





High strength shipbuilding steel plate/sheet with KR certification : KR AH32, KR AH36, KR AH40, KR DH32, KR DH36, KR DH40, KR EH32, KR EH36, KR EH40, KR FH32, KR FH36, KR FH40

R A32

R D32

R E32

R F32

R A36

R D36

R E36

R F36

R A40

R D40

R E40

R F40

KR Extra-high strength shipbuilding steel plate: KR A43, KR D43, KR E43, KR F43, KR A47, KR D47, KR E47, KR F47, KR A51, KR D51, KR E51, KR F51, KR A56, KR D56, KR E56, KR F56, KR A63, KR D63, KR E63, KR F63, KR A70, KR D70, KR E70, KR F70,

R A43

R D43

R E43

R F43

R A47

R D47

R E47

R F47

R A51

R D51

R E51

R F51

R A56

R D56

R E56

R F56

R A63

R D63

R E63

R F63

R A70

R D70

R E70

R F70

Shipbuilding Bulb flat bar / Shipbuilding L shaped steel bar/ Shipbuilding angle steel bar with KR certification : KR Grade A, KR Grade B, KR AH32, KR AH36



R A32

R A36

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